Sonicators, Homogenizers and Blenders

Waring™ Two Speed Blender

Mixer waring 1l total glass container 220-240v 50hz - UK Plug

MP Biomedicals™ Dome Clip/Latch for FastPrep-24

For use with all models of FastPrep-24. MP Biomedicals Dome Clip/Latch for FastPrep-24 is a replacement part for FastPrep-24 instruments. Dome Clip/Latch for FastPrep-24

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Microcentrifuge Tube Opener

For opening all sizes of tubes. OPENER MICROROR 0,25-2ML PIPE 3 / FP

Sonics Materials Coupler

Robust and reliable part of a stepped microtip/probe assembly that screws into the converter in place of the probe. STEPPED-MICROTIP COUPLER 630-0421

Rotor/Stator Generators for IKA Ultra-Turrax™ Homogenizers


Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for any application and sample volume. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, DNA shearing/ChIP and homogenization. SONICATOR 700W 0.2-1000ML W/PROBE 10-250MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

Waring™ Technologi Blender

Mixer waring with 1-60 sec.timer 1l stainless steel container 220-240v 50hz - UK Plug

MP Biomedicals™ FastPrep -24™ Classic Instrument

High-speed, digitally controlled benchtop homogenizer for the lysis of biological samples FASTPREP standalone unit

Waring™ Timer Blender

Mixer waring with 1-60 sec.timer 1l glass container 220-240v 50hz - UK Plug

IKA™ S 25 N - 10 G Dispersing Tool

Suitable for use with dispersing instrument T 25 Digital. GENERATOR 10MM S25N-10G

Fisherbrand™ Bulk tubes

For use with Bead Mill 4 and Bead Mill 24 homogenizers. Also fits most other commercially available Bead Mills. Fisherbrand Reinforced 2ml tubes with screw caps and o-rings quantity 500 RNase/DNase free

Fisherbrand™ Probes for Model 50 and 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Image shows (left to right): 4423, 4422, 4435. MICROTIP PROBE 1.9MM 0.2-5MLvolume for 50 and 120 watt sonicators

Fisherbrand™ Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Programable system ideal for small volume liquid processing. Includes 1/8 in. probe for processing 0.5-15ml volumes. There are 3 probe size options available which allow for processing 0.2-50mL volumes. SONICATOR 120W 0.2-100ML W/PROBE 0.5-15MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

Sonics Materials VCX-130PB Ultrasonic Processor

Robust and reliable 130 watt ultrasonic processor with thumb-actuated pulser for small volume applications. ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR VCX130PB

Kinematica™ Polytron™ PT2500E Desktop Homogenizer

Provides fast, reproducible preparation of most plant and animal products used for further testing and is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious laboratory which needs the versatility provided by a higher wattage motor. Homogeniser 57mm x 76mm x 236mm  PT2500E

Sonics Materials VCX 750 Ultrasonic Microprocessor

750 Watt ultrasonic processors for small and medium volume applications that are ideal for safely processing a wide range of organic and inorganic materials from 250 microliters to 1 liter. ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR 750W µP

Fisherbrand™ Q55 Sonicator without Probe

Effective for standard cell disruption and many other small-volume applications. Fisherbrand™ Q55 Sonicator is a compact and cost-effective ultrasonic processor that will occupy less bench space than any unit on the market.
SONICATOR 50W 0.2-50ML W/O PROBEcables, wrench set and manual 203mm x 203mm x

Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator without Probe

Guarantees more efficient operation, sample-to-sample consistency and most importantly, a reliable end result. Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator without Probe is the most technologically advanced sonicator available today.
SONICATOR 700W 0.2-1000ML W/O PROBEwith generator, converter, cables, wrench set &

Fisherbrand™ Bulk Beads

For use with Bead Mill 4 and 24 Homogenizers Fisherbrand 1.4mm ceramic beads bulk quantity 325g RNase and Dnase free

Fisherbrand™ 850 Homogenizer Accessory, Generator Probe

Stainless-steel generator probe; Fisher Scientific™ 850 Homogenizer Accessory, Generator Probe is compatible with Fisher Scientific 850 Homogenizers. Fisherbrand 20x195mm Stainless Steel Probe Wide Window Compatible with 850 Homogenizer

ACROS Organics™ Glass Beads, 500 to 750um

25GR Glass beads, 500-750 micron

Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for various applications and sample volumes. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators with Probe are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, homogenisation and sample preparation. SONICATOR 500W 0.5-500ML W/PROBE 10-250ML

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Disposable Polypropylene Pestles

For re-suspending bacterial cells, precipitates of nucleic acids or proteins and pellets of other materials. X100 199230001 Bel-Art Pestle, PP3 1/2'

Sonics Materials Ultrasonic Probe

Robust and reliable microtips and probes that intensify and radiate ultrasonic energy into a sample. STEPPED MICRO TIP 3MM

Sonics Materials VCX 500 Ultrasonic Microprocessor

 Safely processes a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, from 250 microliters to 1 liter. ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR 500W µP

Sonics Materials™ Threaded End Probe


Kinematica™ 20 mm Dispersing Aggregate for Polytron™ Homgenizers PT 10-35 GT, PT 3100 D and PT 6100 D

Use theses reliable and efficient aggregates for a large spectrum of laboratory applications. Kinematica™ PT-DA Standard Dispersing Aggregates are designed for use with POLYTRON™ Batch Dispersers: PT 10-35 GT, PT 3100 D, PT 6100 D, PT 7100 D. Dispersor PT-DA 20/ 2EC - F193


Disperse, stir, homogenize and grind using a single drive unit. IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAXX™ Tube Drive provides protection and security for infectious sample materials, toxic substances, high-odor substances under defined conditions (time, energy, volume). TUBE DISPERSER ULTRA-TURRAX DIGITAL DISPLAY WORKINg volume2 to 15mL 230-50V 60Hz 100mm (w) x 160mm

Fisherbrand™ Pre-Filled Bead Mill Tubes

For use with Bead Mill 4 and Bead Mill 24 homogenizers. May also be used with most other commercial Bead Mills. Fisherbrand bead mill accessory, 2ml tube containing 0.5mm glass beads RNase/DNase free