Why Register?

Guest (unregistered) users can search and browse most products as well as check on the status of an order. It is also possible to order a selection of products as a guest user, however a registered user (with an account) can access many more features:

  • See the price you pay for the products you need
  • Track the status of your order in detail and your expected delivery time through order tracking
  • View your ‘Account Dashboard’ and manage your shipment/delivery notifications, open orders and more
  • Save your frequently purchased items to your custom lists
  • Powerful chemical search tools: text searching, free drawing, template drawing and mixed search
  • Search by CAS number, full or partial product code to quickly access chemical product information

1.    Apply for a business account to be able to make a purchase from our full range of products.

2.    Sign-up for a web account if you already have a business account and know your business account number, sign up for a web account to be able to buy online.


Your business account number is 7-digits long and can be found on documents such as your invoice or sales order confirmation.

If you don't know your business account number, please contact our customer service team on 01509 555500.


Signing In

1.    Under the ‘My Account’ menu on the blue bar at the top, select ‘Sign In’.

2.    Enter your username and password in the fields provided, and then click ‘Sign In’.

If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Sign In’ then follow the ‘Forgot Password’ link located on the ‘Log into Your Account’ box. If you have forgotten your username or email address, then please register again.


Maintaining Your Profile

Profile management options allow you to set default accounts, name each account for easy reference, add/edit credit card information and update name and contact information.

  1. Sign in.
  2. Under the ‘Your Account’ menu on the blue bar at the top of the site, select ‘Account Profile’.

3.    On the ‘My Profile’ page, click the corresponding ‘Edit’ button to update your account, log in, profile or credit card information.

4.    Enter revised information, then click ‘Save’.

Changing Your Password

1.    Upon logging into the website, open the ‘Your Account’ menu by bringing your mouse over where it says : ‘Your Account’ (This will open a drop down menu).
        From the drop down menu, select ‘Update Profile’.

2.    Scroll down until you see the ‘Login Information’ section. Click on ‘Change Password’ to change your password. 

3.    This will open the password reset form.