Whether you require glassware or digital scientific thermometers our extensive range covers all applications used in the laboratory or in the field.  They include educational and specification thermometers, as well as industrial and general purpose use and can measure temperatures with a high degree of accuracy.  Our range includes High Low Thermometers, also known as Min Max Thermometers and Traceable Thermometers to meet critical needs.  The range offers interchangeable probes including infrared, rigid, flexible, air, penetration and bottle probe models. Printing / logging alarms, partial and total immersion and waterproof models are also available, providing choice and accuracy at competitive prices.

High Low Thermometers, or Min Max Thermometers

These instruments are available in both analogue and digital style. They are ideal for outdoor use or measurement of critical environment temperatures. Analogue models are associated with liquid filled thermometers, however they can include instruments displaying measured values via dials, pointers and other mechanical forms.

  • Analogue or digital style
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Liquid filled or mechanical devices
  • Waterproof models
  • For use in refrigerator / freezer

Traceable Thermometers

When critical measurement is key, traceable high accuracy thermometers allow the user to monitor, record and remotely record temperatures and provide an unbroken record of documentation. Our range of traceable thermometers can be available individually serialized, calibrated and certified to NIST standards.



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