Eppendorf Advantage™

Eppendorf Advantage

Your expertise combined with Eppendorf’s equipment

For more than 70 years, Eppendorf have been studying daily work processes in laboratories with the aim to provide customers with Eppendorf products and services designed to meet new challenges and changing needs.

The new Eppendorf Advantage™ special offers complement your expertise in microbiology and other application fields with matching Eppendorf equipment for crucial work steps in your laboratory. That’s perfect teamwork!

See how Eppendorf products can make your laboratory processes easier, safer, and more efficient.

New Offers: Save up to 20 %!

  • Centrifuge 5424 or 5424 R with FREE Kit rotor
  • Multipette® M4 + Combitips advanced®: Save 20 %
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer®: Save 20 %
  • Eppendorf MixMate®: Save 12 %
  • Innova® 44/44R incubator shakers: Save 10 % plus get a FREE Universal Platform
  • Eppendorf Deepwell Plates
  • Eppendorf Tubes®

Centrifuge 5424/R with Free Eppendorf Kit rotor®

During the promotional period you can get the Centrifuge 5424 or 5424 R in the new Special Value Pack with standard rotor and FREE Eppendorf Kit rotor.

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424/R

The Centrifuge 5424 and 5424 R models are an established standard. With their 24-place capacity and speed up to 21,130 × g (5424 R) they are perfectly equipped for all applications in tubes up to 2.0 mL.

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Multipette® M4: Ideal for Pipetting Difficult Liquid

Save now! During the promotional period you can purchase the Multipette M4 with 20 % off list price.

Eppendorf Multipette® M4

Pipetting problem liquids such as foaming, viscous, volatile, dense, corrosive, or hazardous solutions can be a real challenge when using air-cushion pipettes.

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Combitips advanced® Offer for All Multipette® Users

Our limited Advantage offer for all Multipette users: during the promotional period you can save 20 % on Original Combitips advanced in Eppendorf Quality.

Eppendorf Combitips advanced®

The syringe style Combitip advanced is the ideal system component for all Eppendorf Multipette models. Its positivedisplacement principle maximizes pipetting accuracy and precision.

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Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C: Create Your Own System

Create your own tailor-made solution! During the promotional period you can save 20% on the Eppendorf ThermoMixer C basic device.

Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer C combines outstanding mixing performance with excellent temperature control to consistently guarantee dependable and reproducible test results. Improve your assay results by mixing and incubating samples at the same time.

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Eppendorf MixMate®

During the promotional period, the MixMate is available with 12 % savings. Also see our special promotions on selected Eppendorf Tubes and Deepwell Plates on pages 12 – 15.

Eppendorf MixMate®

The 3-in-1 mixer for plates, tubes, and vortex mixing. This high-speed instrument guarantees complete mixing of your samples in seconds. Outstanding 2DMix-Control provides optimized mixing with anti-spill technology.

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Save Now! Innova® 44 / 44R Incubator Shaker Bundles

Innova® 44 / 44R Bundles: 10 % Savings + Free Platform.  

Innova® 44 / 44R Incubator Shaker

The Innova 44 incubated shaker and 44R with added refrigeration are stackable shakers. They provide very broad temperature capabilities for culturing a wide variety of organisms in flasks up to 5 L.

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Eppendorf Deepwell Plates Promotion

During the promotional period, selected Eppendorf Deepwell Plates are available with 20% off list price.

Innova® 44 / 44R Incubator Shaker

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates 96 and 384 are high-performance plates for all manual and automated applications – from sample storage at −86 ºC to DNA denaturation at 100 ºC.

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Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes 1.5 mL Promotion

During the promotional period, you can save 20% on selected Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes 1.5 mL.

Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes

The original Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes protect your sample with excellent centrifugation stability. They feature perfect sealing properties, and reliably prevent sample evaporation.

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Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes 1.5 mL Promotion

During the promotional period, selected Eppendorf LoBind Tubes are available with 20% off list price.

Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes 1.5 mL

Eppendorf LoBind Tubes maximize sample recovery by significantly reducing sample binding to the surface.

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